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Poet, Editor and Occasional translator

Elizabeth Rimmer is a poet, editor and occasional translator who is widely published in magazines and online. On this site you can find her poetry, information about editing and workshops, and an on-line shop where you can buy her collections. Please note, the shop works through PayPal, but if you don’t want to use it, please email via the contact page, and an alternative can be set up. Read on for her full biography.

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Short Hiatus

Owing to the recent death of my mother, there will be no newsletter in October, and no new posts until the 23rd November. Love and peace to you all!

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InterlitQ Poetry

Not one, but three poems have been published on InterlitQ in the last week. First a short sequence about family myths. The title came from a apicture by the artist Danielle Barlow, and was used with her permission. http://interlitq.org/blog/2020/10/07/we-carry-our-grandmothers-ghosts-a-poem-by-elizabeth-rimmer/?fbclid=IwAR1QU-LOfeKnmfmSGOWBi-r-x4paaavY8-cCf7Ll1f9TXsG0mQKRHY6iC6o Then a light-hearted piece which someone aptly described as ‘a bit of earth porn’ http://interlitq.org/blog/2020/10/08/brief-encounter-a-poem-by-elizabeth-rimmer/?fbclid=IwAR1_2JG2pYGEYn7EUnaC7vz-IY1c55-hg1YwbNYPqiX1Wqvw6GVfezADFlM and…
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Elizabeth Rimmer is a poet, editor and occasional translator who is widely published in magazines and online. She writes poems based in landscape and community, exploring the many different dimensions of the dialogue we hold with whatever environment supports us – biological, social, spiritual – how we live on the earth and with each other, how we react to the passage of time, what beauty we find in living, and the ways we deal with grief and loss and hard times. She is influenced by her experience of growing and using herbs, producing a modern translation of the Old English Charm of Nine Herbs in 2017, by her study of geopoetics, permaculture, folklore and the mythological traditions of northern and western Europe, and by the mystical and philosophical traditions of Christian monasticism. Elizabeth Rimmer has published three collections of poetry with Red Squirrel Press, Wherever We Live Now, (2011), The Territory of Rain, (2015), and Haggards (2018), and is working on her fourth, which will appear in 2021. She has edited eight full poetry collections and four pamphlets for Red Squirrel Press, and anthologies for the Federation of Writers (Scotland) and the Scottish Writers Centre. She is a member of Scottish PEN and the Scottish Centre for Geopoetics.

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This page has sample poems from my three collections, Wherever We Live Now, The Territory of Rain, and Haggards, all published by Red Squirrel Press.

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I edit poetry for Red Squirrel Press, but I regret to say that I will be booked up for the forseeable future.

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Poetry workshops inspired by herbs, landscapes and ways of knowing

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