And Then, This Happened

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And Then, This Happened

April 4, 2018 News blogposts 0

Thanks to Colin Waters of Vagabond Voices and the Scottish Poetry Library, this poem appeared in The Scotsman this weekend.

I’m always surprised at the poems that attract attention. I had the phrase ‘a kist of light’ haunting me for about ten years before I found a poem to put it in, and right up until I sent the MS out for review, I wasn’t sure how much anyone would like it. And yet, this poem, and one called Schoolish, are the ones people quote or ask for, which makes me very happy.

A couple of people have asked where they can buy the book – you can bet I’ll have copies for sale wherever I am, but you can also Get it via the website of Red Squirrel Press who don’t charge postage, or from my shop (neither do I) if you want a signed copy. I have set up Paypal to make it easier, and I’m just about to create a page where you can find out what you are buying!

I can also reveal that you can buy Wherever We Live Now and The Territory of Rain on Amazon, if that’s what you do, and I would be very grateful for reviews, if you have the time! Thank you!

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