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High Summer in the Territory of Rain

This post is likely to be a bit image heavy. Though I haven’t taken any photos outside my garden for what feels like months, there seems to have been a lot going on. The birds have all fledged in a rush, and the garden is full of baby starlings, gathering up the others of their…
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June 8, 2020 0

Living La Vida Lockdown -The Burnedthumb Ring

I expect a lot of us have made random purchases during the lockdown. I know one family who bought a tap floor for dance practice, and a lot of people who got seriously obsessed with Animal Crossing. Then there are customised facemasks and wish-listed box sets, plus all the things we bought to help out…
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May 27, 2020 0

Living la Vida Lockdown-Here Comes the Sun

It’s the warmest day so far, and the garden is looking quite pretty. I’m not the only one taking photos today – my daughter has caught me in the act of actual gardening, harvesting thyme. I have moved on to the planting out stage, the tomatoes are in the greenhouse border, and the aubergines are…
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May 20, 2020 0

Pause for Breath

Sorry, folks, no blog just for now. Back, hopefully, early next week. Meanwhile, please enjoy our local bluebells!

May 15, 2020 0

Living La Vida Lockdown – Joy from the Ground Up

Odd things are happening as we settle into the routine of lockdown. I’m missing the physical company of poets more than I thought I would – my grand-daughter once told a teacher that ‘the land of poets’ was Facebook, and I do indeed make most of my poetry contacts there, but I miss the coffees…
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April 30, 2020 0

Light and Breezy

I think we need something more cheerful this week, and the weather has certainly delivered. It is bright, with a brisk wind from the north-east, that is surprisingly mild. Leaf and blossom are now well advanced, and more of the spring migrants have arrived, butterflies are emerging from hibernation, and although we didn’t have our…
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April 23, 2020 0

Living la Vida Lockdown

I don’t know about you, but this week has been a tough gig. I may have been mentally prepared for a lockdown (that oil lamp you can see was bought in Sri Lanka for the first one!) but emotions tend to take a bit longer to process. Also, while my life is relatively undisturbed, it…
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April 17, 2020 0

Wrens and Ivy

For a couple of days there was a pair of wrens here, one spending a long time cooried in, and the other removing a faecal sac, which seemed to indicate that serious nesting was going on. However, the pot is only six feet from the back door, so it looks as if there were second…
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April 9, 2020 2

Virtual Launch: The Lyre Dancers by Mandy Haggith

‘ In the unusual circumstances posed by the corona virus, formal launches of books have been cancelled – at least for now. So I would like to welcome you to the virtual launch of a novel by Mandy Haggith, whose poetry collection Why the Sky Is Far Away was published last year by Red Squirrel Press.…
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April 2, 2020 0

Bounded in a Nutshell

The territory has shrunk to my back garden, but I thought we could do with a few peaceful and pretty photos this week. Although it has been cold, there has been a long dry period, and spring is beginning to move at last. There are birds nesting in the hedges, and yesterday I heard all…
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April 1, 2020 0