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Las Posadas

Las Posadas is a Mexican tradition, commemorating the journey of Mary and Joseph to Bethlehem, asking for lodgings being refused, and at last, finding a space. It is usually a street party with lights, food, piñatas and a dialogue song between Joseph and the innkeeper. I don’t suppose many street parties will be happening anywhere…
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December 16, 2020 0

It’s Been a While

Somehow it’s been a couple of weeks since I posted. I’ve been dealing with some family health issues, and going through the process of coming off a migraine prevention treatment that really wasn’t suiting me, plus all the rest of the things we have to worry about – climate change, the awful racist fallout of…
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February 25, 2020 0

The First Blog of the Year

I love this crow, riding a winter gale as we had yesterday. Despite their many interesting folklore references, and their sometimes quirky behaviour, I am not so fond of them as I am of their smaller cousins, the jackdaws, but I don’t have any photos of them. They live on the cliffs of Abbey Craig,…
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January 8, 2020 0